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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

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Good morning, I’m new to this group and automated trading and would really like to learn how to build trading systems. If there’s anything you guys could recommend it would be greatly appreciated.


 Jeffrey Derose, Equity Trader

 Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I'm a new member to this group and I'm also new to automated trading. I've been experimenting with building trading systems on the Think or Swim platform. If anyone has any resources or books they would recommend to a beginner to really begin the learning process I would really appreciate that. Also if you guys could recommend any platforms to better learn and develop on that would be greatly appreciated .


3 comments on article "Good morning, I'm new to this group and automated trading and would really like to learn how to build trading systems. If there's anything you guys could recommend it would be greatly appreciated."


 Ankur Parikh, Automated / algorithm / HFT trading programmer, quant developer, backtesting Co-Founder @Tvisi Algo Systems

 Wednesday, July 24, 2013

With regards to platform on where you can develop custom trading strategies are Interactive Brokers, with USD 6000 for US market deposit you can get IB paper trading account and historical data for 1 min , 30 secs and more. You also get IB Excel API, where you can set custom rules and paper trader or download history data and back test. You can do this almost free, if nothing works close your IB account and you get your deposit back.

There are other ready made platforms like Ninja Trader where in you can develop custom strategy, however you need some programming back ground also you need to get your own history data for back test and your own live data for paper trading.

MultiCharts - needs EA programming knowledge however, I doubt if they provide any free evaluation version.


 Andy Flury, CEO & Lead Architect @ AlgoTrader GmbH

 Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hi Jeffrey

Hi Michael, we built AlgoTrader just for that purpose:

There is also an Open Source Version available from

You develop simple (or complex) trading strategies, backtest it inside the system and then connect it a Interactive Brokers Paper Trading account.

The system is based on Open Source Technologies like Java, Hibernate, Spring, Esper, ActiveMQ, QuickFix/J & AndroMDA.




 private private,

 Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Good Morning Jeffrey,

Our main product to be offered is an advanced chart- and trading application

"MARAN TRADER" (similar to Tradestation, Metastock and Metatrader4).

This software provide a very own, whitelabeled trading and analysis application.

Training on a freeware–version to be downloaded from our website!

Further advantages:

- Highly customisable: Custom Charts, Indicators, trading systems and features

- Easy to work with

- Easy trading system development without programming

- Sold with full source code and documentation

For more information please view and

or an overview over our software and company.

For further requirements:

VectorBull: Advanced automated system trading application for Hedgefunds, Banks, Brokers and Traders

VectorBull automatically detects patterns in historical financial data and provides a detailed prognosis of the future market movements. Not only known patterns are recognised, but ALL possible patterns - without the need to be programmed in trading systems by the user.

VectorBull automatically scans time series of stock market data and compares a given chart-pattern to patterns found in the historical data. With an algorithm to define similarity, the software finds similar patterns in the given data and spots the historical development after this pattern.

With this data, extracted for the historical time series, the software shows

- The number of similar patterns found in the data

- The prognosis of the open, high low and close of the next bar

(available in several timeframes)

- The probability (in %) of the predicted scenario

In a second mode of operation, VectorBull scans several markets at a time and gives the user a list of stocks or markets, ordered form highest to lowest probability of occurrence of the predicted moves.

VectorBull therefore is an easy to use and accurate software for system trading, asset management and financial data analysis of Forex, Futures and Stocks.

For more information please view the VectorBull official homepage

Feel free to contact us for further questions -!



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