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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Global Strategies Platform

The Global Strategies Platform (GSP) assembles portfolios of new and unique strategies that produce uncorrelated, absolute returns for our investment partners.

Monetize your trading strategies using our
Global Strategies Platform

A market for your Alpha-generating strategies

The Global Strategies Platform (GSP) assembles portfolios of innovative, fundamentally sound and robustly implemented systematic strategies that produce persistent and uncorrelated absolute returns.

Monetize your research and build your career

Apply now if you:

  • Own a unique Alpha-generating strategy worthy of institutional investment
  • Have a desire to monetize work you've' already done
  • Have a strategy that is just a few steps short of remarkable and needs a push to over the finish line
  • Wish you could spend less time coding up infrastructure and have your strategy running error-free

If qualified, your srategy will be provided with an allocation within the GSP Macro Portfolio that will become marketable to select institutional investors. Then, once strategies are vetted and paired with a fund portfolio, you will participate in an agreed revenue share of the portfolio returns.

Trader benefits

  • Monetize research you've already done.
  • Maintain ownership of your IP.
  • Join at no cost, with no additional investment required.
  • Be directly compensated for both the performance of your strategy, and the correlation of your strategy to the GSP Macro Portfolio.

Authors Onboarding Process

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About Nick Vasserman

 Momenta Capital Management LLC

The Momenta Accelerator's investment team is made up of several investment banking and asset management veterans as well as renowned Finance academics. The team is lead by Nick Vasserman, CIO and founder of Momenta Capital Mgmt, LLC. Nick was previously Head of Americas Cross-Asset Investable Index and Strategies business at J.P. Morgan and Head of FICC (Fixed Income, Currencies & Commodities) Proprietary Systematic Trading at UBS.

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