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Thursday, May 23, 2019


New Generation of Systematic Trading Apps Puts Users in Control

Have a new wave of trading apps, which allow users to fine-tune algorithms that issue buy and sell orders, made black box systems and strategy programming obsolete?

In pursuit of better results, many traders rely on closed trading systems, called black box systems. Others who want more control over their trading spend considerable time creating trading models and then translating them into computer code. Both methods have shortcomings.

By definition, black box systems don't reveal their inner workings to the user, and they don't allow modifications or adjustments. Users can turn the systems on and off, but they can't change anything.

Coding a trading model, on the other hand, requires a background in computers, or the time and willingness to learn coding. Even for those traders who do make the leap into computer programming, it's a difficult process with no guarantee of success.

“Coding anything but the most basic of systems is not easy. You have to go through the process of verifying that the system works before you can even start to track its effectiveness,” says Dean Amburn, founder of RevelTradeTM.

Now, a new generation trading platform is taking on traditional systematic trading systems by offering trading apps with control panels to set up trading, making users smarter, more mobile, and more productive.

RevelTradeTM develops trading apps in partnership with expert traders. Each app is specific to a trading style but allows the trader to modify the trading parameters and customize the trading system.

“Offering expert developed and customizable trading apps allows the trader to focus on fine tuning trading results. It's like turning the dial on a radio to change the station, as opposed to having to pull out the radio and solder in new wires,” says Amburn, a systematic trading pioneer who holds four related patents dating back to 2000. “It’s easy to select when you're going to execute the buys and the sells. The programming is already in place. All you have to do is move the dial.”

RevelTradeTM provides a simple dashboard to control trading with several trading apps able to run simultaneously. By doing so, the platform does away with any need for coding, and also provides an integrated trading system for money management.

Users can even learn to become better traders. By tracking performance, and then making adjustments based on the results, platforms like RevelTradeTM can zero in on the best returns without the necessity of going through multiple programming and testing iterations. Over time, traders learn how to adjust their selections to achieve better trading.

“There will always be a certain group that will want to have their fingers in the code,” Amburn says. “But that's probably more out of habit than any practical benefit, because nothing like this has ever existed before.”

As a server-based platform, RevelTradeTM issues buys and sells through the trader’s selected brokerage without being tied to a particular computer, allowing the user to manage trades through any mobile device.

Such mobility mirrors the growing demand among traders for more flexibility and control over how their favored models execute, according to Doron Whitman, founder of the Algorithmic Traders Association. “Onboarding and following black box strategies and signal providers may soon be a thing of the past,” says Whitman.

RevelTradeTM, which is currently in the testing phase and is actively seeking investors and trading strategy developers, intends to open up algorithmic trading to a broader audience, and free up users to be more efficient.

“There is tremendous opportunity here. There's a desire and a need that transcends all groups, from institutional traders to the retail traders who want to do systematic trading but don't have time to figure out how to program a computer,” Amburn says. “This is the direction it's going. This is the next generation of trading.”

If you have interest in discussing opportunities to invest in RevelTradeTM or become a partner please contact:

Dean Amburn
Tel.: +1 248-212-2777

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