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Profit from the knowledge of thousands
of algorithmic trading experts.

Find groundbreaking new automated strategies to hedge your risks,
diversify your investments, and enhance your trading productivity.


Interested in mastering the science of systematic trading?

In our cutting-edge professional development courses, you'll learn must-have information that's crucial for all apprentice traders, established vendors, and sophisticated investors.

Become a Certified Algorithmic Trader.

In our exclusive courses, you'll discover:

  • How to independently research, design and measure the robustness of automated trading strategies.
  • How to apply the right automated strategies in changing markets.
  • How to follow key methodologies that will allow you to benefit in any market.

Our one-on-one classes provide the deep knowledge you need.

Our seasoned instructors don't just acquaint you with standardized rules that may work today (and might not work tomorrow).

Instead, you'll learn about changes in markets and how to stay concurrent with them.

Intensive insights into market structure and microstructure.

Which strategies to apply, when to apply them – and which markets to apply them to.

These courses are not offered anywhere else.

Whether you're interested in developing your own trading business, or shaving years off of your self-development curve, you can learn this systematic approach to trading.

Learn at an accelerated pace, with intensive, focused training from experienced instructors with proven track records.

Take your trading to the next level.

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