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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

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Is AI is a Hype ?


 Eli Weiss, System Developer at Sole Proprietor

 Tuesday, November 14, 2017


4 comments on article "Is AI is a Hype ?"


 Stephane Hardy, Computational Finance Quant, Trading systems and market connectivity.

 Friday, November 17, 2017

AI vs Expert Systems (ES) . ES support is essential. It is just a check list, of say 100 equations that are mostly direct cause and effect mechanisms. Ex: a large premium on index futures, will be arbitraged and cause opening markets to react to excess demand. Or, a large currency move, or a FOMC release, or any other events that have a direct effect. AI is a learning and adaptive engine. Its goal is detection of non-mechanic reactions. As per my usual comments, what do you want to do ? If you want to "beat the market" in the short term, or do you want to get a fair price on a long position. For the short term trading, you will have to supply the market, in the direction it is going. Hence, attempting to sell at very high prices. The reversal will allow you to close out at a profit. You provide liquidity.


 Eli Weiss, System Developer at Sole Proprietor

 Sunday, November 19, 2017

Interesting thought

My view is that scientists use AI and ML bcs it demonstrate success in predicting Humans behavior.

The question is: can it be done predicting future behavior of the stocks?

Some will say that the movement of the stock market is the sum of "all" Humans behavior and are using social networks predicting what the mass will do.

This does sound right, just that the mass ALWAYS WRONG.

They buy the High and sell the Low.

Is this is where you want to be?


 Daniel Howard, SME R&D Company Director, Syndicated Research Professor and Data Science Consultant

 Monday, November 20, 2017

I led an elite AI team for 15 years. We contributed both to R&D and its application. I am currently about to realease an AI system for trading shares. At any event, I remember meeting Avi Lin when he visited me at University of Oxford when I was a research fellow at the NAGp group many decades ago (in 1990) and at the time he was a professor at Temple University in PA (he was previously at the Technion in Israel). He told me then that someone in the USA had asked him to give a talk about Artificial Intelligence and that after much pondering on what he would say he told the audience that AI is "any program with an IF statement". By the way I am not using Deep Learning ANN for my system. Although I see the great merits of DL, in the voices of youngsters today it is pretty much hype. lol I will use DL if and when it is advantageous to do so and use other flavours of AI as I am doing now when I judge that their advantages merit.


 Eli Weiss, System Developer at Sole Proprietor

 Monday, November 20, 2017

Mr. Daniel,

The prove is in the pudding.

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