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Thursday, May 23, 2019

CAT® - Certified Algorithmic Trader

Stay Ahead of the Markets

with the Only Course That Offers CAT® Certification

Become a Certified Algorithmic Trader

Markets are constantly changing. Strategies that seemed unbeatable 10 years ago are simply irrelevant today.

To stay current, you need to find an endless stream of viable new trading ideas. Become a Certified Algorithmic Trader, and you will:

  • Trade without fear – because you’ll calculate your success before you even enter the market.
  • Sleep soundly at night – no matter what the market does next.
  • Find bold new strategies. Understand why they work. Trade without worries.



Eliminate Emotion with the Official CAT® Training Program

Our CAT® Training Program is the only training course that makes you a Certified Algorithmic Trader.

This unique combination of training in trading automation and systematization gives you the skills to trade with complete confidence and stay current in changing markets.

Developed from decades of live systematic trading experience, the CAT® Training program is the ultimate course in systematic trading. You’ll learn:


  • Why – and how – trading strategies work
  • How to research, design, test, and develop new robust trading ideas
  • How to trade strategies logically and scientifically, without fear
  • When to start trading – and when to stop and lock in your gains
  • How to avoid the common pitfalls of live trading
  • Why “one universal strategy” is the most dangerous myth of trading
  • Advanced market analysis techniques
  • Crucial techniques for back testing, optimization, and proper risk management
  • Plus, you'll also master the essential programming skills you need to code your strategies and put them to work immediately

Is CAT® Training Right for You?

Do you have:

  • A basic knowledge of programming?
  • Strong logical thinking?
  • Desire to understand what’s really going on in the market?

Learn Why 132,560 People On LinkedIn
Are Raving Fans Of The Only
"Trade Without Fear" Program. Period.

Michael B. Russin, Certified Algorithmic Trader

The CAT® Advantage

 Highly Personalized Screen Time
Personal attention in focused, intense live sessions with an experienced market veteran.

 Active Participation Methods
More than just theory. You'll learn reliable automated trading systems you can use right away.

 Unparalleled Business Opportunities
Get the skills, experience, and networking opportunities you need to lift your career to a new level of success.

About Alex Krishtop

 Program Director

Drawing on two decades of experience as a private trader, consultant, and asset manager to institutions and high net worth individuals, Alex Krishop is the author of Edgesense Research Frameworks and numerous futures and forex automated trading systems. He is a dedicated instructor, career and life coach for traders and trading systems developers.

Success Stories

"During the last 17 years of trading , I've seen many so-called traders with lots of black box systems that don't perform well when tested. Also, i never understood why should someone agree to sell his profiting methods. Alex is the real thing. He will teach you the tools you need so you could continue to develop on your own. No holy grail and no promise for systems that work. Alex will teach you ways to research for robust systems, understand the pitfalls and the risks and build your confidence in your own ideas. Highly recommended."

Dani Ben Yair; Independent Proprietary Algorithmic Trader, Israel

"Having recently completed the CAT program taught by Alex, I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who's interested in building their own trading systems. Alex is a patient and a helpful teacher who took his time to cater to my learning needs and paced his lessons according to my own individual learning speed and trading/programming experience. Everything was very hands-on, and Alex has definitely made a big impact on my future as a trader"

Nicholas Hui; Futures and Systems Trader, Singapore

"I have completed the Certified Algorithmic Trader (CAT) course recently taught by Alex. After taking Alex’s class, I have much better understanding of how the market works, how different participants act in the market and what factors will affect the market. Alex not only shares his experience, his understanding about the market, but also shares his unique trading method. He teaches how to design, back test and optimize various strategies. I won’t hesitate to recommend Alex and his class."

Kun Zhao; Trading Technologies, Chicago

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